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Pheasant/Poultry Equipment

The houses/shelter pens and raised beds are designed by a game rearing/keeper for rearers. They are fabricated to a high standard and designed to be cost effective. The houses seen in the photos are located 1200ft above sea level and can cope with extreme weathers like on the top of Exmoor. Lifting frame can be supplied to lift all houses, shelter pens and floors.
We can either supply as kit form or we can erect.

Pheasant rearing house
• Size: 7meters X 5meters (24ft x 16ft)
• Painted steel framed
• Holds up to 2000 thousands chicks
• Impervious to disease
• Very low gas usage (average 2 bottles per 1000 birds)
• Composite panel sides and roof

Pheasant rearing house and shelter pen on raised bed.

Pheasant rearing shelter pen
• Size: 7meters x 3.7m (24ft x 12ft) approx.
• Holds up to 2000 thousands chicks
• Painted steel frame with weld mesh and galvanize tin surrounds

Raised bed (for both shelter pen and house)
• Size: 7.2meters x 5.2meters (24’4’’ x 16’4’’) approx.
• Height: 305mm (1ft)
• 20mm galvanize weld mesh
• Painted steel frame
• Cuts down disease
• Eliminates bedding costs
• Less labour intensive
• Insulated
• Come in two half’s (bolted together)

Pheasant rearing house and run on raised bed

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